VivoAquatics Receives Certification for CDC Safety Standards
The Council for Model Aquatic Health Code (CMAHC) Certifies VivoAquatics
for Optimal Safety Standards of its Industry Leading Aquatic Management Platform


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Safety is More Important than Ever.
Our automation & monitoring platform is the only one certified by  CMAHC.
  • We designed our platform around the CDC's Model Aquatic Health Code (MAHC) strict standards.
  • The MAHC guidance helps reduce the risk for disease outbreaks and chemical injuries at public aquatic facilities.
  • The CDC safety standards, based on science and best practices, delivers a data-driven, knowledge-based, risk reduction for recreational water experiences.
  • VivoAquatics delivers to the CDC standards of latest MAHC edition, delivering for our partners and their guests.  

See press release.

Webinar: Certification & best practices,  watch here. 



Automation, Monitoring & Expert Support Delivers to
CDC Safety Standards
The only platform certified to meet the CDC Safety Standards.
  • Automates & monitors for key measurements  of safety ensuring CDC safety standards are met, providing  the safest water for your guests
  • If anything is out of range an alert is sent with best practices for resolution, as well as access to expert support, so issues can be resolved quickly.
  • The  proprietary Safety Score provides a quick read on the percent of the time the bodies of water are compliant with the CDC’s  safety  standards.
Key measures for delivering to the standards of the Model Aquatic Health Code. 
Why this is Important to Managing in Today's World
Safety is More Important than Ever, for You & Your Guests
  • Outdoor spaces and amenities like pools and spas are critical drivers for the bottom line. 
  • Safety is critical to deliver and is no longer behind the scenes but part of the message to your guests.
  • This CDC certification for safety is part of the story around safety and cleanliness and is being included in poolside signage, on the website and other marketing materials reassuring the guests of the care put into their safety. 
Simplification Delivers Safety & Sustainability, Reducing Risk
  • Automation and monitoring reduces human error,  keeps you compliant with highest safety standards and provides transparency.
  • Access to any body of water at any location is just a click away.  And if there is an issue you are sent a real time alert to stay ahead of any issues - keeping your guests safe, protecting your equipment and the resources need to support.
Business Operations Need to Adapt for Today
  • Reduced staff, limited expertise, reduced time on site all present challenges that our platform and program provides solutions.  And just like the world around us, we adapt as needed to the changing times and the needs of our partners. 
Easy Access to the State of Water Any Time, Anywhere
  • Our platform puts the pump room in the palm of your hand. Access any where, any time across your organization with proactive alerts to let you know if something is out of range for these standards.  Where ever you are, you are ready.
How It Works
Automation and technology drive the safest water and a great experience for your guests. The smart technology platform is the center of the aquatics program which also includes expert support, training, certification, and procurement optimization.
Water is Connected
to VivoAquatics
Water is connected to chemical automation and real time monitoring via our smart technology platform
Next Generation
Chemical Automation
Automation delivers chemicals to your bodies of water. Sensors monitor to ensure key measures for safety are met.
Connect to
the Cloud
Connect to the Cloud to provide real time access and store data for analysis, and documentation.
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24-7 Real Time
Monitoring & Alerts
Access info any time, alerts are set when out of range. 

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